Client/Artist Development

Client/Artist Development is one of the biggest secrets that major music labels and public figures hide from the public eye.  

Sonya LaRae is one of the leading client/artist developers in the industry and has been doing this for a little over 16 years. She helps artists, influencers, executives, air-personalities, public, and political figures develop their craft, signature look, and skills necessary to build a professional career in any industry. This means everything from voice, wardrobe, understanding yourself as a brand, how to be camera-ready, live performances (speaking to entertaining), and how to come over social media.

It's time that you don't get left on the cutting room floor because you cannot show up and show out the way that your business, affiliates, and brand need you to be.

Are you ready?

You need more than just tips on how to enhance your technique; you need results, and that's what Sonya LaRae's Artist Development Program is all about. No matter your specific goals, Sonya brings the firsthand knowledge and experience you need to grow on a grand scale. The Artist Development Program can help you zero in on all facets of your development and help you navigate the challenges of evolving as an artist/brand/executive/public speaker.

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