Welcome to Your Full-Service Luxury Experience

LaPaz Image Consultants is a full-service international luxury agency offering you dynamic services that are cutting edge and uniquely tailored to our clientele. This is your journey into developing mind, body (fashion), and soul. LaPaz Image Consultants; was established in 1999 by the creative genius President/CEO Sonya LaRae. Sonya knew she wanted to bring something powerful, and groundbreaking to the industry (fashion, lifestyle, business, and entertainment), that no one else was offering, and that is exactly what she did.

LaPaz helps clients break free from limiting beliefs that keep them from achieving, obtaining, and reaching their dream lifestyles, relationships, careers, and more. Sonya has found a way to marry all elements of her knowledge into one cohesive dynamic brand, which is why she can say the company tagline with ease "Where Everything Is Fabulous!"

Welcome to your journey into greatness!